PVC Compounds and Masterbatches

PVC Compounds and Masterbatches

Gauttam Plastic is today a name to reckon in this business. Over the years, Gauttam Plastic has met with resounding success and has catered to reputed companies in the Vinyl business by providing compounds for exacting applications.


Gauttam Plastic PVC Range Covers:

  • Medical Compounds
  • Wire and Cable Compounds
  • Masterbatches
  • Soft and Rigid Compounds


Medical Grades

This product group from Gauttam Plastic complies with global regulatory requirements of FDA, European Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopoeia, and ISO and is manufactured in a GMP environment, resulting in consistent high quality product. The medical grade PVC compounds cater to applications like blood administration systems, CAPD kits for dialysis, IV sets, scalp vein sets, nose masks and catheters.


Gamma Radiation Stable Compounds:

Gauttam Plastic offers gamma radiation stable compounds (highly stable and pure) with resistance to colour changes upon radiation sterilisation of 2.5Mrads. These are offered for different end-use applications.


Phthalate-Free Compounds:

Gauttam Plastic offers a diverse range of non-phthalate PVC Compounds complying with major regulations as per EU directive 2005/84/EC, EN 14372, ASTM D3421 and CSPC-CH-1001.09.2. These compounds are available in a range of hardness for varied applications across medical devices, food contact products & child care products.


Radio Opaque Compounds:

Gauttam Plastic has a range of radio opaque compounds to offer in custom-made colours, which can be identified through X ray machines regarding their position in the human body. The super smooth finish and low friction surface facilitates easy intubations.


Cable Compounds

Be it electrical, house wiring, telecom or automotive cables, compounds are available to suit specific needs. Gauttam Plastic offers compounds conform to standards as per ASTM2863/ASTM 2843/IEC 754, besides world standards as IS, BS and UL.


Products range from standard insulation and jacketing compounds to speciality applications like low temperature cables, railways signaling cables, RoHS PVC compounds, REACH Compliant, wiring hardness compounds, FRLS compounds etc.



Standard and speciality PVC masterbatches are available for rendering identity of shades and functional characteristics for the wire and cable industry. Manufactured to meet global standards as IS, BB, RAL, Pantone shades, these masterbatches rank high in performance and offer better dispensability, processability in high speed lines, colour strength, non-migration, non-blooming, weather resistance and consistent performance .Gauttam Plastic has speciality grades like RoHS, high extrusions grades for thin walled extrusions.


Tailored Soft and Rigid Compounds

Gauttam Plastic follows unique approach of offering PVC tailored compounds in plasticised and unplasticised grades for applications, rigid pipes, fittings and profiles, non toxic toys, rigid blow moulded bottles, shrink films, novelties etc.