Welcome to Gauttam Group

Gauttam Plastic  is a well known and highly trusted name in plastics industry making available a wide range of  Plastic Raw Material, Colouring and Compounding solutions to the Plastic industry.

Gauttam Plastic has entrenched its name as a Distributors and Supplier of a wide range of Plastic Raw Material, Colour, White, Black Master Batches, Anti-fibrillation/Filler Master Batches, and full range of Additive Master Batches for Plastics Industry under one roof.

Gauttam Plastic is one of Asia’s leading  Color & Additive Masterbatch & Polymer Compound DistributorS. Incorporated in 2007, the company has been providing an advanced level of solutions to the plastic processing industry’s ever changing and challenging needs.

Gauttam Plastic uses the latest technologies from their Mastertbatch Manufactuer in Machinery, R&D, and Materials coupled with a wealth of talent and experience to stay ahead.


To be the market leader in compounding by offering innovative colour and compounding solutions. To achieve higher levels of growth and excellence along with our employees, customers and suppliers. Attain leadership and set a benchmark of quality service at the National level and be recognised globally.

Who are we

Gauttam Plastic originated way back in seventies known as K. ARVIND & CO.


With a new vision, setting new business goals, the present company took shape in mid eighties.

Gauttam Plastic is today one of the leading companies in the business of Plastic Raw Material , colouring and compounding solutions for plastics industry.